Senin, 03 September 2007

New Computer Virus Eat MP3 file

A computer virus that targets MP3s has turned up online, according to computer industry experts.
The worm - called W32. Deletemusic - goes through an infected user’s hard drive deleting all the MP3s it finds.
It also looks for any MP3s on any external drives and memory cards attached to the machine.
The memory card can then spread the worm to any other computer it is put into.
Ian Yarlott, Director Consumer Business EMEA at Trend Micro, gave tips on how to keep your machine clean.
He said: “It always pays to think before attaching an external memory card to your computer.
“Secondly, having all of your music on your hard drive and not backing it up is asking for trouble - try to back it up onto a DVD for safekeeping. Thirdly always make sure your anti-virus is up to date.”
A scanning system for the virus can be found at

Returned the photograph that vanished from the memory card,mmc,usb

Even more of them the storage media of the data and the development of the digital camera that increasingly fasterthat needed a storage media of the fast picture to save and also have a capacity big, and must have the ability good also.To get all of them we must buy the storage media that was expensive enough because of his quality to be indeed true good, but sometimes the storage media that was good and expensive, could be fast broken or error because of the user who was inattentive against the storage mediahad several methods of getting again the data or the picture that without deliberate vanished oreven because card was used error or affected viruswhen your data without deliberate vanished try to get should not previously adding the new data,because not necessarily the data that without deliberate vanished could not be returned.There were many software that was free or that must pay, that couldreturned your data although sometimes not until 100%Some that were free and most often were used by me was pci filerecovery apart from free, software this also really easy to usewas compared with other software like ontrack or the like, but has been good enough for one software free,
Install Pci Filerecoveryclick pci_filerecovery.execlick nextclick yes => next => nextstart the programclick open driveselect your mmc/memori card drivejust right click and save your file to another drive
Also Recomended SoftwareOntrack Easy Recovery - not freePicaJet Recovery - freeware

Affiliate Program That Pay!

Emmanuel.N. Uduezue.
Are you an online marketer or an ezine pub-2403258503801684lisher and you interested in Affiliate program? Let’s start from basics.What is Affiliate Program?Affiliate program is a program introduced by web business owners where opportunity is been created for other people to participate in selling their products and service on the internet without
necessarily buying the products or services and they are paid a percentage of the amount, paid for the products or service or a particular amount as comission made from sales of those products or service.
If you are a web business owner, my advice to you as an online marketing strategist is you invest having an affiliate progam in your website, because it helps you create markerters for product or services free, there by boosting sales for your products and services real fast. For more information, visit,
Who is an AffiliateAn Affiliate is somebody who advertise the products and service of a web business owner for a comission of the product made from sales, all he does is register with the web master’s Affiliate program and he is given an affiliate link which he will use to refer people to the website, write a good advertisement and advertise his link to draw customers to the website and when it results to a sale he is paid a part of the profit made from sales as comission.
What Makes a Good Affiliate ProgramAs i browsed through the internet and visit search engines to search for a good affiliate program to join, though I get to join, some affiliate programs but i found out something that i should let you, do you know some affiliate progams are not worth joining despite the fact, they promise to pay you a “fat” sum as comission. So carefully read the next few listed points and I suggest you stick by it and always read these points before you join any affiliate program because i have learn’t my lessons so i dont want to hide it and allow you make the same mistakes because it could be a very ugly situation you might not forgive me for not telling you because this article was written to empower you on what makes a good affiliate program and how to make good use of your time advertising good programs you ‘ve joined.
My Research ResultAlthrough my research on how to make money on the internet, the concept of Affiliate program has proved to be the easiest way on how to make money on the internet because, you(i) Don’t need to have your products before you join an affiliate program, though some web marketers insist you buy their products and services before you can market them but it is very rare to find such programs online but they exist.(ii) You don’t need a website, but in most cases, when you want to really earn a living onlne through affiliate program, i suggest you need a website to advertise as many programs as possible, all you need to do if you want to go into this kind of affiliate advertising, just place the programs in categories, i tell you this is the secret of making $10,000 a month without owing a product, but if you just want to go into part time Affiliate advertising, you don’t need a website, effective affiliate advertising will be discussed in my next article coming up soon.(iii) You don’t need to wait for long before you earn commissions except if you have not advertised your affiliate link or you did not write a good and catchy advert or promotion, there is every possibility you can earn a commission in the next six hours with a good advert.
BELOW ARE THE POINTS YOU SHOULD CONSIDER BEFORE JOINING ANY AFFILIATE PROGRAM.(i) Products and Services of the Web marketer, whether it is a one-product or multiple products web business, they must be market moving products (i.e fast selling) information or “how to” products.(ii) Is the website an interesting site that customers can really get in and dont want to go anymore they just keep reading the sales letter and eventually buy to know if the owner has put up a cachy salesletter, read it for your self does it entice you to buy or make you feel bored reading such letter tip. If it is a good and catchy salesletter, you can even catch some points in the letter and form a good advert for the program.(iii) Did the site owner create a way of following up visitors by inviting visitors to signup for his ezine or newsletter on his site, because that is an excellent way to ensure your visitors buy from you and that’s commission for you as his affiliate. for referring customers to his website.(iv) Does (web marketer) after a two-tier affiliate program where people can sign with their affiliate program under you, thereby building a down line for your self and it is another way you can earn commission when members of your down line makes sales, you are paid a percentage commission (eg 6%)(v) How is the sign up process, do you spend up one hour signing up or a few minutes people tend to ignore joining his (webmarketer) affiliate program if the sign up process is difficult to complete, you should be able to tell this fact since you signed up with his affiliate program.You can get more of these facts on what makes a good affiliate program, if you sign up for newsletter. I advice you signup for my newsletter because there are still more to know on what makes a good Affiliate program if you know these things you still enjoy be earning fat residual income on monthly basis. So be empowered.Learn the basics and stick to it.It’s worth knowing. To your success

Successful Affiliate Program

Hamoon Arbabi
Two Christmases ago I tugged on one of those paper crackers and after a small bang, out opped a piece of yellow paper the size of a credit card.
On one side was a riddle that didn’t make much sense, but on the other side was an ‘Inspirational Quote’ that made a lot of sense.
So much so, that I still have it in my wallet.
This is what it said: “The shortest and best way to make your fortune is to let people see clearly that it is in their interests to promote yours”.
I’m constantly amazed to see affiliate programs that offer 20%, or even as little as 15%, to their affiliates.
It is generally accepted that the production of any information product is only 10 percent of the whole process.
What’s the other 90 per cent? Marketing!
My own affiliate program gives 50% commissions, and I wouldn’t dream of offering less. After all, who makes the sale - me or the affiliate?
It may be disappointing to see 50% of your sale price going to your affiliates. But it’s worth remembering this: without your affiliate, that sale simply wouldn’t have occurred.
Of course, there are many other factors involved in building a successful affiliate program, but this is the first and most important: make your affiliates your equal partners, because they’ll be doing 90% of the work.
Good luck.